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Fire Retardant Clothing For Electricians

2015-06-17 08:58 | writer: admin

Fire retardant clothing is chemically treated to reduce the chance of catching on fire. There are several types of clothing available. Which ones you need depend on the type of work you do. Firemen, for example, need to be protected from head to toe, including fire resistant boots.
Most electricians need fire proof sleeves and coveralls or aprons. The biggest threat of your clothing catching on fire comes from an arc flash. This flash can start a fire or cause severe burns. Your arms and chest area are at the greatest risk. Fire resistant sleeves and aprons protect these areas.
Fire resistant sleeves and aprons are worn right over your regular clothing, making them easy to slip on and off.Safety standards are in place to let you know what type of protection you need for each type of job. There are several companies that make high quality personal protective clothing. Your local safety store will have several brands available, or you can shop online for a wider selection.
As an employee of a company, you may have all of your safety equipment supplied to you. But, some companies require you to buy certain items yourself. Since people come in many different shapes and sizes, it is easier for the company to have you buy your own coveralls or other fire retardant clothing and then reimburse you the money, rather than order the clothing for you.
When buying safety equipment, whether you will be reimbursed or not, don't sacrifice quality for a cheaper brand. Saving a few dollars can cost you plenty in the long run.
First of all, the clothing won't last as long, so you will be buying new stuff in no time.
Secondly, it may not provide the adequate protection you want.
The weight of your fire retardant clothing should also be a consideration. You want adequate protection, but you also want to do your job. If you are weighed down with bulking clothing you will tire out faster and you may not be able to perform you duties properly. This is more of a safety risk than doing the job without protective equipment.Not that you should consider working without the proper gear, just make sure the coveralls and sleeves fit comfortably without excessive weight. The ideal fire retardant clothing will be lightweight and allow you to move freely. 

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