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How to Test Waterproof Fabric

2015-06-24 08:42 | writer: admin

The waterproof capability of fabric is actually a test of water resistance. It's measured in millimetres, which can be translated to the number of millimetres of water a fabric can stand before it begins to leak. Although testing the waterproof capability of a fabric doesn't guarantee its success in a real-world situation where it's being used to create a barrier between water and another surface, it can give you an idea of what the fabric can withstand before being permeated.
1 Attach clips to each side of a square piece of the fabric you're testing. Suspend it off the ground.
2 Attach a burette to the bottom end of the tube. Fill it with water from the top, taking note of how many millimetres are in the tube.
3 Suspend the tube above the fabric. You can use a ring stand.
4 Open the burette slowly, letting water trickle out onto the fabric. Watch how much water the fabric will hold before it begins to leak through. As soon as leaking begins, close the burette.
5 Write down how many millimetres are left in the tube. Subtract that number from the original amount of millimetres of water. Your waterproof fabric is water-resistant to that many millimetres.

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