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A Brief Description of Special Fabric

2015-07-06 08:50 | writer: admin

1. Fire retardant fabric:
Proban is a finishing fire retardant method for the durability of cotton fiber . British Proban flame retardant finishing technology is currently the international advanced flame retardant technology . Proban Finishing fabric , can effectively prevent the spread of flame , but also protect the original performance fabric . The protective garment which made of fabric, can be with good detergency , less smell, wearing safety, comfort Level and reliability, and it can be widely used in metallurgy , fire-fighting, machinery, forestry, shipbuilding, electric welding and other industries producing .
2. Antistatic Fabric:
Antistatic overalls is protective clothing which must be wore in flammable and explosive environment. Anti-static fabric is made of the anti-static fibers . Its conductivity can meet requirement in Electrostatic Safety Guide of Japan, the fabric has good durability, and can be widely used in explosive gas, dust , oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics industry.
3. Acid Fabric:
This kind of protective clothing can be applied for garment which is expose to long-time alkali & acid environment, it can bear long acid permeatetime & high acid pressure, and it lost low strength after pickling. This kind of fabric can provide good protection for workers, and it can widely used in chemical industry.
4. Anti oil and water-proof fabric :
This fabric is for workers who is often contact water, oil or some kind of medium, it has good waterproof and oil proof performance,and good air permeability, moisture permeability , etc., It is  widely used in the petroleum industry, machinery manufacturing, maintenance industry , sanitation systems, food processing and other industries.
5. Easy decontamination Fabric:
The Character of easy decontamination fabric is it can preventing oil contamination, once stained , it is easy to decontaminating and washing under normal conditions. Therefore, fabric after dirt repellent finishing , is very suitable for overalls which is used in mineral oils environment and animal and vegetable oils working environment.
6. Anti-microwave & radiation Fabric :
Permanent anti-static, anti-radiation, for the electronics industry , finance , securities, telecommunications, aviation , radio , television crews and the surrounding traffic and  personnel , electronic equipment operators , computer user , pregnant women and other vulnerable people, communication radar soldiers and other fields. Anti-microwave radiation fabric’s main theory is , using metal fibers formed metal network against harmful electromagnetic waves.
7. UV Fabric:
Application industry : Construction , all outdoor workers .
Ultraviolet in the Solar spectrum not only make textiles fade and brittle, but also it allows the body sunburn aging, appears melanin and pigmentation, even induce cancer, so it’s harmful to human health. Ultraviolet radiation on the human body has drawn increasing attention around the world , Australia and other countries explicitly require students wearing sun protection clothing, etc. , China has also developed a textile UV standards. UV protection fabric theory is high energy ultraviolet absorption , jumping through molecular level so that conversion to the lower energy into thermal or low energy electromagnetic waves shorter wavelength , thereby reducing the intensity of the sun , ultraviolet radiation on the human body to eliminate and fabric damage .
UV fabric consisting mainly of high ultraviolet absorbing material , this product is non-toxic, non-explosive, safe to human body and skin, non-stimulation, no allergic reactions , it does not affect the fabric color , strength and moisture permeability . UV fabrics, including cotton, linen , silk, wool , polyester and nylon fabrics , this fabric has a good absorption and transformation , reflection and scattering on the 180-400nm wavelength UV ( especially UV-A and UV-B) .

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