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Different Chinese & American standard testing method

2015-07-10 10:40 | writer: admin

Chinese standard uses a horizontal washing machine as the test equipment, American standard uses a vertical washing machine, these two washing machine moves in different ways, you cannot compare the differences in the results. Different drying method also leads the difference. So, generally customers must be asked for the test method and drying method.
In different countries, there are different textilephysical indicators detection and assessment methods;generally, buyers appoint designated standard and detection methods , There are : GB, is the Chinese standard ; ISO, for European countries ; AATCC and ASTM, for the Americas ; BS applicable to the United Kingdom ; AS, for Australia and New Zealand ; DIN, for Germany ; JIS, applicable in Japan ; IWS, for most countries in the world , mainly refers to wool products ; CAN, for Canada . At present our customersoften require American standard as the detection methods. Here are some comparisons of the detection method:
Fastness to washing:
For now we selected American Standard Method A2 and GB Method 2 m, American Standard temperature is lower one limit than GB , the water is 3 times GB, need a 1200ml steel cups, while GB is 550ml; stickers lining are also different, American standard using 10 # multi-fiber cloth, GB using DW multi-fiber cloth ; specimenssizesare different, American Standard is 5 × 15cm, GB only 4 × 10cm; detergent and dosageare different, American Standard using a phosphate-free detergents, GB with phosphorus ; American Standard testing added 50 steel ball in rubbing , GB did not. That description means, a cloth, using two standard methods of detection will make a different result, American Standard will be poor. So when a cloth need test, it must be sure to choose a good detection testing standards.
On the device, GB is the motor automatically, American Standard is hand- shaking and dry friction, the results of the methods there is not much difference , GB requires moisture 100% on wet rubbing, the American standard requires 65% , the result will be different.
Color fastness to perspiration:
GB isbasically the samewith the American standard in the operation, perspiration liquid formulations are different, American standard add a kindof lactic ingredients, and only detect sweat acid; while GB contains sweat sour sweat alkali, the timing is different from American standard which required pressure for 6 hours, GB required pressure 4 hours, the American standard test results will be poor than GB .
Formaldehyde content:
GB use a water extraction method,and extracting will be one hour , while the American standard use vapor-phase extraction with 20 hours , the result will be a lot higher than GB, if GB  results is 60pmm, American Standard may be measured out
GB test is 40 ℃100ml water extract 2g cloth for one hour, then measure PH value of water; While American Standard test use 250ml water, 10g cloth, boiling water for 10 minutes, the test PH value of water , two kinds of methods are difficult to obtain consistent , and it cannot comparable .

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