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The characteristics and application fields of CN FR fabric

2015-07-13 09:25 | writer: admin

CN FR fabric is also called the flame retardant cotton fabric, the product has good abrasion resistance, good flame retardant performance , and soft feeling. The formaldehyde content is 300 PPM or less, thus it meets the requirements of environmental indicators, and it  has less impact on the original various fastness after inflaming retarding. cotton nylon flame retardant fabric composites the Durability of nylon and the The comfort of the cotton, and has a Good permeability.
Main Application Areas,
CN FR fabric is widely used in the Protective overall with fabrics of electric power, electric welding, oil and natural gas industries , and it is popular in north and South America.
The fabric is made of 88% cotton, 12% nylon fiber blended. The life of this work clothes with this fabric can be extended by more than 50%, and it can better prevent from electric spark, arc and molten metal drop and so on. The used of flame retardant is a kind of fire retardant which used in the durability of cotton fiber and its blended fabric. Its main characteristic is to use this kind of flame retardant production after processing, the fabric forms the permanent cross-linking, thus it has the durability of the flame retardant performance, good washing resistance, non-toxic, no smell, and safe to human body. The flame retardant performance can be achieved the standard of EN11611, EN11612, EN470-1 EN14116, EN531, EN533, EN61482, BS5852 and NFPA2112-2012, NFPA, ASTM and GB8965-2009.

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