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Four Major Categories of Fire-retardant Overalls Products

2015-07-17 08:41 | writer: admin

1,High temperature resistant flame retardant coverall: It is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant fabric.
2,Polyester-cotton flame retardant overall : It is made of  materials such as Cross-linking resin and phosphate flame retardants,through the process of Pad baking to finish polyester-cotton blended fabric. 
3,Cotton flame retardant overalls: It is made of the fabric by using Pyroatex CP (N - hydroxy methyl dimethyl
phosphonic acid base acrylamide) or Proban NX (4 hydroxymethyl phosphorus chloride, urea condensation compound) for finishing with flame retardant fabrics. Finishing with Proban NX less damage the raw materials. And after processing ,the  flame retardant, washing fastness and soft feel of the fabric superior to the flame retardant fabric processed by "CP". 
4, Aluminum membrane flame retardant cotton overalls: By using the technology of anti alumina foil bonded composite method to increases the performance of the reflected radiation on fabrics surface. Fabric used aluminum foil adhesive has a better flame retardant effect. In addition to the poor permeability , heat insulation, flame retardant performance, and material composite fastness of the flame retardant aluminum membrane cotton overalls all can meet the requirements.

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