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The Brief Introduction of EN 20471 Standard

2015-07-20 08:55 | writer: admin

From October 1, 2013, the European commissionhave made a decision that EN ISO 20471:2013 "high visibility garment - test methods and requirements" would replace the EN471:2003 + A1:2007 "special high visibility warning clothing - test methods and requirements” to become the reflective safety clothing’s new coordinate standard . Since October 1, 2013, all the EEC Inspection Certificates of the reflective safety clothing would be invalidated if they are tested by the EN471 before entering the European market.Accordingly, the main differences between the new EN ISO 20471:2013 reflective clothing standard and the old version EN471:2003 + A1:2007 standardincludes the following seven aspects:
The first is meeting the requirements of color and brightness after the cleaning period.
The second is the request of perspiration colorfastness would be changed from level 3 to lowest level 4.
The third is woven materials’ tensile strength requirement becomes to 100 Newtons minimum.
The fourth is the burst strength requirement of knitted material changes to at least 100000 Kpa (50cm square of test area) and 200 Kpa minimum (7.3cm square of test area)
The fifth is the single or multi-layered garment’s physical properties test, RET must be no greater than5 square meters per watt. If more than 5 square meters, the test must be measured again, and imt have to greater than 0.15
Sixthly, each performance level of the reflective material are the same, they have the same standards with the EN 471 grade 2.
The last is the new logo’s change.

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