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Textile Flame Retardancy Test Standard System

2015-07-24 08:45 | writer: admin

Textile (high temperature resistant flame retardant fiber) flame retardancy test standard system:
First, the various and repeated indicators need to be unified and simplified, such as "flame spread time, flame spread rate, flame spread distance and burning rate", actually all these indexes are express the meaning “burning rate”.
Second, at present, a lot of textile flame retardant performance indexes is for evaluating the ease of burning of textile and the burning rate of textile.
Third, the existing standard system mainly aims at the flame retardant test methods of fabrics, but not bulk fibers. The combustion performance of textile materials is not only related to the properties of the material itself, but also related to the aggregation structure of fiber, blended situation, etc. However, the blank of fiber flame retardant performance testing methods and standard restricts the development and marketing of flame retardant fiber product; If spin fiber yarn into cloth and then test the combustion performance sample in each test, this will lead long testing time and high testing cost and other bad effects.
The high strength flame retardant vinylon has good flame retardancy and abrasion resistance, can be purely or blended spinning; its fabric is mainly used for steel-making workwear, firefighting workwear, combat uniforms and other special business wear. Application field is very wide.

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