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Flame Retardant Fabric of Common Standards in The United States

2015-07-29 10:17 | writer: admin

1.NFPA - 701, 703  is the fire protection association released a fire protection standard, is suitable for the curtain of public places, such as hanging fabric does not require water resistant. Tests also asked that the adsorption quantity of dry, handle such as physical and chemical index.
2.CS - 191 is general fire prevention standard of protective clothing, with emphasis on long-term fire performance and wearing comfort. Processing technology is usually a two-step synthesis or multi-step synthesis, with high technology content and added value profit.
3.CA - 117 is a widely used one-off fire retardant standard  in the United States, does not require after washing test, apply to most textile exports the United States.
4.NFPA261.94 is suitable for covering furniture , such as sofa
5.FAR25-83 is the decorative fabric fire standards within the aircraft.
6.TB - 603 full name BHFTI CTB - 603 in the United States introduced on January 1, 2005. It is mainly used for mattress, mattress bed supplies, etc. The test method is: complete a mattress test  exothermic numerical method with large chamber combustion.

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