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The Mechanism of Flame Retardant Finishing

2015-08-03 09:25 | writer: admin

1. The mechanism of fabric burning
(1) combustion can be divided into the flaming combustion and flameless combustion, the former is thermal cracking gas of fibre or the burning of the volatile liquid, the latter is the oxidation of the residue(carbon).
(2) it’s various of the product of combustion with different thermal cracking process of the fibre.
2. The mechanism of flame retardant:
(1) the theory of covering :flame retardants in > 500 ℃ can form a blanket in the fibre surface which not only hinders the supply of O2, but also prevents flammable gas from spreading outward, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant, such as borax and boric acid.
(2) the theory of gas: one kind is that the flame retardants decomposes into non-flammable gas in burning temperature to dilute the concentration of combustible gas below to produce flame; another is that the flame retardant can be used as active high free radical transfer body under heating conditions to prevent the free radical reaction.
(3) the theory of heat: one kind is the flame retardant heat changes at high temperatures, such as melting and sublimation, thus holding back the spreading of the combustion .the other is  that the flame retardants makes the fabric can not meet the combustion temperature by dissipateing heat quickly.

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