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Flame Retardant Finishing Methods of Organic Phosphorus Flame Retardant

2015-08-05 09:07 | writer: admin

1 THPC(Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium Chloride)
①White, crystalline compound is soluble in water and lower alcohol
②The aqueous solution of THPC have acidity
③With amine, amide, phenol, alcohol react
④with the fiber occur analogous reaction, thus pushing cases, THPC formation in the intermolecular cross-linking fibers
2、The finish technology :THPC-acid amides(proban)
THPC, NaOH(or2.5%Na2CO3)
Urea  TMM
softener 16% 1% 9.7% 1% 0.1%
Padding finishing liquid→Drying (80-90℃) washing, drying and baking
Features: flame retardant↑,but mechanical behavior↓ Feel rough, with chlorine yellowing phenomenon
3、PyrovatexCP working fluid composition:flame retardant agent, buffering agent, stabilizer, catalyst, softening agent, fixing agent etc.
padding(CP)→padding(TMM)→drying(85℃)→baking(160℃)→Alkali washing, water washing characteristics:high fire resistance, strength loss is small
The flame retardant finishing agent for terylene generally does not work, so the flame retardant polyester / cotton blended fabric finishing must according to the characteristics of fiber finishing agent, the appropriate were selected. Polyester is thermoplastic fibre, 260 DEG C melting temperature of 560 DEG C, burning, burning or remove from heat, polyester melt dripping and shrink, fire can be automatically extinguished. But in the polyester / cotton blended fabric, cotton fibre will form a support role, to prevent melt dripping, which it continues to burn, polyester lost self extinguishing effect, and the heat of combustion of polyester high, will accelerate the cotton fibre combustion, resulting in burning phenomenon is more complex, more dangerous than pure spinning, the flame retardant agent was not ideal.
4、Polyester / cotton flame retardant finishing:
Polyester composition by three (2, 3 -Dibromopropyl) phosphonate (TDBPP), cotton component with THPC,two kinds of finishing agent can be used in one bath a padding process。
Requirements: two kinds of finishing agent has compatibility, can be fixed in the same condition.
Process: padding→drying→hot melt (180~200 C)→soap washing (70~80 C)→water washing→drying
characteristics: durability↑ , taking performance ↓, organic phosphine has certain harm to human health.

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