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Precautions for Flame Retardant Cotton Fabrics

2015-08-07 08:55 | writer: admin

First, Directions For Use
Flame retardant cotton overalls applies to be flame retardant or thermal protection for general industrial. You should away from the fire or heat source, shaking and taking off the clothes as soon as possible when the fire happens or clothes is on fire.The flame retardant performance of fire-retardant overalls fabric is on the adhesion to fibers after a series of chemical treatment, so you need to pay more attention to it when cleaning to maintain its flame retardant protective performance as long as possible. And we should be clear before use, fire-retardant overalls also has a lot of occasions not applicable, such as fire fighting, metal splash, industrial rays and harmful light source, a large number of welding, high temperature environment, places that have requirements of chemical splash and corrosion.
Second, Washing and Drying
1, The new flame retardant coveralls need to washing before first use it.
2, The water temperature should be controlled below 60℃, avoid useing boiling water to boil.On the premise of can ensure clean, as far as possible with lower water temperature, control of clothes washing shrinkage, in case of fire retardant coveralls shrink.
3,It's better to use synthetic washing powder and household use biological synthetic washing powder that sales in supermarket,and PH best to neutral when washing the flame retardant overalls.Don't use strong oxidant such as bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite products such as bleach,and don't use softener, these chemicals may fade clothes flame retardant performance.
4, Do not using soap and soap powder.
It is also need to pay attention to that fire-retardant overalls in after washing to avoid direct sunlight, can take natural dry or drying machine, and drying temperature should be below 70℃, when the clothes drying or immediately when there is still a little wet clothes from the dryer, in order to avoid too much clothes shrink.If you need the whole very hot, in the case of clothes is still a little wet finishing as well.Pure cotton flame retardant coverall can also be used dry cleaning, general commercial dry cleaners will not affect the flame retardant performance.

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