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The Difficulties of Polyester-Cotton Flame-Retardant Fabric Finishing

2015-08-10 09:03 | writer: admin

Because the T/C fabrics with excellent performance and durability, welcomed by consumers.However, because it is easy to burn and cause fire accident, resulting in great loss, so the research of flame retardant finishing is widespread concerned.So far, it was found that the flame retardant finishing of polyester/cotton fabric flame retardant harder than in any components.
The reason mainly has:
(1) because cotton is a flammability fiber, not melting and not contracting ,when t/c products burning, cotton fiber charring, a kind of similar to a candlewick on polyester stent, which hinder the polyester melt drip out of fire;
(2)The interaction of heat induced, two kinds of polymer polyester and cotton or their crackate , accelerating the overflow of crackate, thus terylene fabric fire speed is much faster than pure polyester and cotton.
(3) in the process of combustion, the flame retardant will be migrate in between polyester and cotton components, therefore, it also brings difficulties to the polyester / cotton fabric flame retardant finishing;
(4) when heated polyester-cotton blended fabric, the heat melting polyester group branch coverage in the polyester fiber surface, polyester fibers and carbon of cracking processes will form the skeleton, stopping the fabric shrinkage, the molten polyester as a fuel fire area, make the fabric more severe burning.
Therefore, to reduce the flammability of polyester-cotton fabric, need to do the following:
(1) each component to be flame retardant finished in the blended fabric;
(2) when blended fabric flame retardant finishing,  using the respective suitable flame retardants, the best effect can complement or do not interfere with each other;
(3) eliminate the skeleton effect and interference effect of two components.
For a long time,   polyester/cotton fabric flame retardant finishing technology which has been developed and its flame retardant performance is difficult to meet the requirements of certain  purpose.
The main problem is the finished fabric handfeel or mechanical strength that are disappointing ;The second , the production ecology  still need to be improved.At present, it can not find that the two fibers can simultaneously flame retardant effect and the effect of flame retardant better and finishing process.The more is the application of decabromodiphenyl oxides, but it has the nature of the coating finishing, handfeel is not very ideal.Until now, our country of polyester/cotton fabric flame retardant are continuing to study.
At present,CVC flame retardant fabric is preferred which is strong and durable and can meet the performance requirements , the fabrics is blended by more than 60% of the cotton fiber and less than 40% of polyester fibre .Both possessing excellent characteristics of cotton and polyester fibers.Has good strength and better wrinkle resistance and durability.

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