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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of cotton and TC

2015-08-21 10:10 | writer: admin

TC: it refers to blended fabric collectively by 65% - 67% polyester and 33% - 33% cotton blended yarn woven textiles.
The characteristics of TC:TC has both highlights the style of the polyester and cotton fabric strength, under the condition of dry, wet, elasticity and abrasion resistance are better dimension stability, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash and quick drying, cannot use hot iron and boiling water immersion.
Disadvantages of TC: TC fiber belongs to the hydrophobic fibers, strong affinity for oil pollution, easy to absorb oil, and the wear process is easy to produce static electricity and dust absorption, it is difficult to wash, and can not use  hot iron and boiling water immersion. TC is a synthetic fiber, and cannot degradation.
The classification of TC:
Often customers know, a lot of shirt fabric with polyester / cotton or cotton polyester. "Polyester" and "cotton", the two word order a change into two different fabrics. "TC" refers to the composition of polyester fabrics accounted for more than 60%, the component of cotton under 40%;"Cotton polyester" on the contrary, refers to the ingredients over 60%, cotton polyester composition of below 40%.
Pure cotton fabric is to cotton as raw material, with loom, warp and weft yarn aspect by the ups and downs of intertwined textiles. Generally have a label [cotton] /Cotton/C.
The characteristics of pure cotton:
1. The hygroscopicity of cotton fiber:it has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances,around the fiber to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere, the moisture content is 8-10%, it contact the skin, make the person feels soft and not stiff.
2.The moisturizing: because the cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, heat conduction coefficient is very low, and because of the cotton fiber porous, high elasticity, fiber can accumulate a large number of air, the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.
3.The heat resistance of pure cotton fabric: it has good heat resistance, under 110 degrees Celsius,it will only cause the fabric on evaporation, will not damage the fiber.
4.The alkali resistance:cotton fiber on the alkali resistance is bigger, in alkali solution, cotton fiber doesn't occur damage phenomenon. The performance is conducive to taking the pollution after washing, disinfection of impurities.
5.The health of the cotton fiber: its a natural fiber, its main components are cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substance and nitrogen content and pectin substances.

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