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Test Method of The Flame Retardant Textiles

2015-08-22 09:00 | writer: admin

Textile burning test methods with different principles, equipment, and the purpose of diversity. Test results between various test methods are difficult to compare with each other, the experiment results can only show the sample combustion performance in a certain extent. Combustion breadth combustion experimental method is mainly used for test specimen (carbonization damaged area and length), continued burning time and smoldering time.
According to the relative position of the specimen and the flame, can be divided into vertical, inclined and horizontal method. Standard combustion performance test methods for textile materials on international, has a comprehensive and perfect, including ISO, ASTM, BS, JIS, international and foreign advanced standards have their own standard test methods related to more than 10, China has also developed and implemented the standard, test method 10 different such as: GB/T5454-1997 "combustion properties of textile testing the oxygen index method," GB/T5455-1997 "textile burning performance test vertical method", GB/TF5456-1997 "textile flammability vertical flame spread properties determination" etc..
China is currently in the testing of flame resistant clothing mainly used GB/T5455-1997 "textile flammability vertical method". The principle is that the burning test box certain dimensions of the specimen are vertically arranged in the provisions, with the provisions of the fire ignited 12 seconds, remove the determination of fire continued burning and smoldering time after time, smoldering stopped, in accordance with the provisions of the method to detect damage length. The method can be used for the determination of flame-retardant properties of fabric, decorative fabric, tent fabric take. Textile flame retardant performance evaluation method in China is burning rate of the fabric as the main basis, only to meet the standard requirements of the textile products can be regarded as flame retardant products.
In order to reduce the fire accident caused due to textiles, we must improve the relevant laws and regulations.
At present, exported to Europe and the United States and Japan textile products must meet certain requirements of flame retardant, it originated in Europe and the developed industrial countries and Japan have formulated strict textile products fire safety regulations and technical standards. Such as CPSCl6CFRl610 for the American fire safety regulations for clothing textiles (goods) fire standards, but not including hats, gloves, shoes and lining, this standard is a minimum requirement for textile and apparel fire, applicable to all adult and children's clothing. CP SC16CFR1615/165 for the American fire safety regulations for children's sleepwear fire set more strict regulations, all as a children's sleepwear use garments or materials must conform to this specification. The test must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of steps, each step is connected, a link through, it shall not be allowed to enter the next link.
Britain also has safety regulations accordingly, as enacted in 1985 British pajamas safety regulations requires the pajamas must be flame retardant test, test methods BS5722/BS5438.

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