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The Harm of Formaldehyde in Textiles

2015-08-24 08:55 | writer: admin

Effect of formaldehyde in textiles with synthetic resin is generating a crosslinking agent, forming a protective layer on the sample, with DP, shrink proof, wrinkle free and decontamination, and other functions. However, excessive formaldehyde can cause harm to human health. Formaldehyde has strong stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, excessive formaldehyde in textiles if existence, with the wear process will gradually release through the skin and respiratory tract, cause harm to humans, especially easy to stimulate the skin and respiratory tract of infants. Especially the infant underwear is worn next to the skin, the greater the risk. When the body affected children dress in formaldehyde to exceed bid, symptoms of mild shed tears, cough, contact dermatitis, finger and nail symptoms such as pain, insomnia, dizziness, headache and other symptoms will be serious. Long time wearing formaldehyde exceed the standard clothing, inhalation of low dose formaldehyde gradually accumulated can also cause disease of chronic respiratory disease, conjunctivitis, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, and may even cause cancer.
The basic national safety technical code for textile products in GB18401 on the limit of formaldehyde are as follows:
Baby products (Class A), formaldehyde content 20mg/kg;
Skin contact directly (class B), formaldehyde content 75mg/kg;
Non direct contact to skin (C), formaldehyde content 300mg/kg;
Consumer guide:
1.Try to choose the regular business sales of clothing, and pay attention to check the goods mark content, to ensure that the purchase to the satisfaction of the   product.
2.When consumer is using new textile clothing best first washing, in order to reduce the influence of fabric pH or floating color fade on human skin.
3.The consumer in the textile and clothing, try to choose light color of goods, in order to prevent the dark dye fade fade in color, the color deep products, can be rubbed with a white cloth and goods, if fade affirmation for the unqualified products, can not buy.
4.Purchasing to ask to see whether the goods merchants have formal testing agencies testing report, if there is no inspection report, cannot buy.
5.The purchase of textile and clothing, especially non ironing clothing and printing coating clothing, first ask the garment has no fishy or smell, is not to buy.

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