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Anti Static Fabric Washing Method

2015-08-26 09:30 | writer: admin

1. When washing, the water temperature should be below 30 DEG C, per kg of clothing with a neutral soap or no enzyme containing detergent 1 g, bath ratio not greater than 1:40, using light washing method, avoid excessive friction caused by ESD performance degradation.
2. After washing, the clothing need to the sun to dry, or naturally dry after the high temperature of 150 DEG C ironing 2 minutes, also can use at 150 DEG C drying for more than 4 minutes.
3. Dry, ventilated preservation, avoid mechanical or chemical injury.
4. Making work clothes do not use the metal accessories, while must use (buttons, zipper), should guarantee that wearing metal accessories shall not be exposed directly.
5. When wearing overalls ban attached or carry any metal objects in the clothing, banned in the combustible and explosive places wear off.

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