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Brief Introduction of Proban Flame Retardant Fabric

2015-08-28 09:03 | writer: admin

Proban flame retardant fabric
Proban cotton flame retardant processing technology introduced from Rhodia company, is a British patent. The principle is the use of poly phosphoric acid chemical additives and unique finishing process of cotton fabric is processed, so the fabric heat accelerated carbonation, forming an isolation layer, fabric back immediately to stop burning, self extinguishing, the time of burning and smoldering short and flame retardant properties.
Proban flame retardant fabric processing technology processing have washing resistant performance good, if properly maintained, service life long clothes flame-retardant performance have is long, generally speaking, cleaning 50 times its flame retardant indicators are still in less than the standard value. In addition, Proban treatment of cloth feels soft, no peculiar smell, the fabric strength has almost no effect. The performance of MTL, TUV, SGS etc. authoritative organization detection can reach EN11612 (EN531), EN11611 (EN470-1), EN533, 16CFR, NFPA2112, ASTM and other standards.
Xinxiang Yulong textile is the World-class one-stop flame retardant fabric/garment manufacture, production of fire-retardant fabric using high-tech process, fabric overall soft, full color, wash 100 times, free formaldehyde content of less than 75PPM, on human non-toxic tasteless, green and safe environmental protection.

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