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EN11612 Flame Retardant Protective Clothing Test Requirements

2018-05-04 18:01 | writer: admin

BS EN 11612: flame retardant standard for workers' protective clothing under high temperature (not applicable to welder clothing and fire fighting clothing)
Flame Retardant Protective Clothing
Detection methods and criteria of determination:
Test samples cannot be burned to the top or edge.The test sample must not be formed broken hole.The test samples shall not be burned or dropped.The delay time shall be less than or equal to 2 seconds.The smoldering time should be less than or equal to 2 seconds.
Detection method:
Before short spread from the combustion test, It should be according to the method mention in ISO6330,first put 1g/1IEC detergent soluble in water, and then to put the sample in the washing machine wash 5 times, at last drying immediately.If no special provisions in the use of information on the label, washing should be performed according to the method 2 A at 60 ℃, drying should be performed according to the method of E (drum drying).According to ISO3175, dry cleaning fabrics should have labels, only dry cleaning 5 times.If the fabric or suit has no label, after washing and dry-cleaning 5 times, the fabric will be tested separately.The material is processed before it is done, then the ignition detection is conducted according to EN532.
Fabric size change requirement: according to the requirement of EN340, the shrinkage deformation of fabric is changed after 5 times of washing, according to the instructions of the garment factory, its warp and weft shrinkage should not exceed 3%.

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