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Difference of EN11611 and EN11612 Standards

2018-05-25 17:02 | writer: admin

1. EN11611 strength, tear strength,class1≥15N,class2 ≥ 20N, breaking strength ≥ 400N, seam strength≥225N. 
EN 11612 breaking strength ≥ 300N; tear strength ≥ 10N; seam strength ≥ 225N.
2. PH value is 3.5 to 9.5, chromium are ≦ 20PPM
certificate of flame retardant fabric
3. Flame retardant properties:
EN11611: A. any one of the burning to the top or edge; B. no hole appeared in test; C. no any melting or burning of the drip; D. After-glow time ≦ 2S (no flames); After-flame time ≦ 2S (with flames).
EN 11612 Flame Retardant (A): A1 No sample with hole, burnt to the edge, can not be melted, no drip, afterglow and afterflame time <2S; A2 no hole in test, burning to the edge, not Melting, can not appear dripping, smoldering, afterglow and afterflame time <2S.
4. EN11611 shrinkage ≦ ± 3%, 60 ℃ water washing, tumble drying,EN 11612 is standard mainly used for fire, heat, protective clothing , which heat resistance is heat resistance at 180 ℃ for half an hour can not be burned, , Heat shrinkage ≦ 5%, heat radiation can not have melting at 260 degrees, heat shrinkage ≦ 5%.

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