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The Difference Between fire Retardant Fabric and Fireproof Fabric

2018-09-01 14:30 | writer: admin

The Difference Between Fireproof Fabric and Flame Retardant Fabric
Generally speaking, fireproof fabrics are flame retardant fabrics, but flame retardant fabrics with higher flame retardancy levels can be called fireproof fabrics, such as asbestos fabrics and fiberglass fabrics.
A flame retardant fabric is a fabric that can be ignited by an open flame, but can be self-extinguishing within 12 seconds of leaving the open flame. Flame retardant fabrics slow down the burning rate but cause carbonization.
Commonly used flame retardant fabrics are divided into post-treatment flame retardant fabrics and raw materials flame retardant. Post-treatment flame retardant fabrics are mainly: cotton flame retardant fabrics, CVC flame retardant fabrics, C88/N12 cotton flame retardant fabrics, etc.
The main raw material flame retardant is: aramid flame retardant fabric, acrylic fiber cotton flame retardant fabric.

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