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What are The Characteristics of Modacrylic Cotton Flame Resistant Fabric?

2018-09-01 14:33 | writer: admin

Modacrylic cotton flame resistant fabric is made of a modified acrylic fiber with its own flame retardant properties. The outstanding flame retardant properties of this flame resistant fabric do not decrease over time and the number of washes.
The performance of modacrylic cotton flame resistant fabric can reach EN11612 (formerly EN531), EN11611 (formerly EN470-1), EN533, 16CFR, NFPA2112, ASTM and other standards by MTL, TUV, SGS and other authoritative organizations.
Characteristics of modacrylic cotton flame resistant fabric:
1. Outstanding flame retardant performance;
2. Anti-arc;
3. Anti-acid;
4. Anti-metal spatter;
5. Anti-welding spark;
6. Antistatic performance;
7. Visibility performance;
8. Excellent comfort Sex and washability;
9. Excellent mechanical and wear resistance.

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