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Cotton Flame Retardant Clothing use Precautions

2018-09-01 14:40 | writer: admin

First, the instructions for use
Cotton flame retardant clothing is suitable for general industrial flame retardant and thermal protection. When the fire occurs or the clothes are on fire, leave the fire or heat source as soon as possible, shake the clothes, and take off the clothes as soon as possible. The flame retardant properties of cotton-resistant fabrics are adhered to the fibers after a series of chemical treatments, so special care must be taken during cleaning to maintain their flame retardant protection for as long as possible. And we should be clear before use, cotton flame retardant clothing also has many unsuitable occasions, such as fire fighting, metal splash, industrial ray and harmful light source, a large number of welding fly, high temperature environment, chemical splash and corrosion occasions.
Second, washing and drying matters needing attention
1. New flame retardant clothing needs to be washed once before first use.
2, the washing temperature should be controlled below 60oC, should not be boiled with boiling water. Under the premise of ensuring that it can be cleaned, try to use a relatively low water temperature to control the shrinkage rate of the clothes to prevent the cotton flame retardant clothing from shrinking.
3. When washing cotton flame retardant clothing, it is advisable to use household synthetic washing powder sold by supermarket, bio-synthetic washing powder, and the PH value is preferably neutral. Do not use strong oxidants such as bleaching powder, bleach and other sodium hypochlorite products, avoid the use of softeners, these chemicals may reduce the flame retardant properties of clothing.
4. Avoid using soap and soap powder.
It is also important to note that cotton flame retardant clothing should be protected from direct sunlight after washing. It can be dried naturally or machined, and the drying temperature must be below 70 °C. When the clothes are dry or still a little moist immediately remove the clothes from the dryer to avoid excessive shrinkage of the clothes. If you need to iron it, it is better to iron it when the clothes are still moist. Cotton flame retardant clothing can also be dry-cleaned, and general commercial dry cleaning agents will not affect their flame retardant properties.

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