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Combustion Test Method for Testing Flame Retardant Fabrics

2018-09-01 14:41 | writer: admin

The combustion test method is mainly used to determine the length of the flame retardant fabric, the burn-in time and the smoldering time.
The test method is: a certain size of the flame retardant fabric is ignited by a specified fire source for 12 s in a prescribed combustion box, and the flame-retardant time and smoldering time of the flame retardant fabric are measured after removing the fire source. After the smoldering is stopped, the damaged length of the flame retardant fabric is measured according to the prescribed method.
The main standards are ASTM F1358-1995 "Standard Test Method for Flame Retardant Performance of Fabrics - Vertical Method" and GB/T5456-2009 "Determination of Flame Propagation Properties of Textiles in Vertical Direction of Textiles" and GB 5455-1997 "Textile burning performance test vertical method" and so on. China's national standards stipulate that the afterburning time is ≤5s, the smoldering time is ≤5s, and the damage length is ≤150mm. According to the relative position of the flame retardant fabric and the flame, it can be divided into a vertical method, a tilt method and a horizontal method.
Horizontal and vertical methods are the most common methods used in flame retardant fabric testing methods. The principle is as follows: one end of the flame retardant fabric is clamped horizontally or vertically, and a predetermined gas flame is applied to the free end of the flame retardant fabric, and the linear combustion speed (horizontal method) and the flameless and flameless burning time (vertical method) are evaluated. The burning properties of flame retardant fabrics. The vertical method is more intense than the 45° direction and horizontal direction.
The vertical method is divided into a vertical damage length method, a vertical flame spread performance measurement method, a vertical flame retardant fabric ignitability measurement method, and a surface combustion property measurement method. The vertical method can be used to determine the flame retardant properties of flame retardant fabrics for clothing, decorative flame retardant fabrics, tents, etc.; the tilting method is suitable for aircraft interior decorative fabrics; the horizontal method is suitable for carpeting fabrics such as carpets.

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