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How to Choose Flame Retardant Workwear?

2018-09-01 14:53 | writer: admin

How to Choose Flame Retardant Workwear?
1. Check: Check the inner and outer packaging of the flame retardant workwear, whether the safety signs of the trademark marks and special labor protection articles are complete and correct, and whether there are instructions for washing, maintenance and maintenance.
2. Look: Look at the appearance of the flame retardant workwear. The surface should be free from defects, breakage and stitching defects. The structure of the flame retardant workwear should be three-tightening of the neckline, cuffs and hem to prevent hot objects or sparks from splashing and injuring the human body. The clear pocket should be covered to avoid the accumulation of splashing metal or sparks. The vents reserved for heat dissipation should be placed under the armpits, back, and crotch to prevent foreign matter from entering.
3, Touch: the flame retardant workwear with better quality feels softer and does not irritate the skin.
4. Sniffing: Some unqualified flame retardants have certain toxicity and have a certain pungent odor. Take the flame retardant workwear out of the bag and smell it without odor or irritating odor.
5. Try on: The bag and decoration of the flame retardant workwear should not affect the normal work; the second is easy and fast, and should be quickly detached.

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