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What are the requirements for flame retardant clothing?

2018-09-01 14:55 | writer: admin

Flame retardant clothing refers to protective clothing that can prevent itself from being ignited, flaming and smoldering after contact with flames and hot objects. Product quality should meet the requirements of GB8965.1-2009 "protective clothing _ flame retardant protection _ part 1: flame retardant clothing" standard.
Flame retardant clothing should meet the following requirements:
1.Flame retardant clothing should be comfortable, light and beneficial to human activities
2.The top garment pocket of the flame retardant clothing should be covered to prevent splashing of molten metal or other contaminants into the bag.
3. Ventilation pores can be left in the top of the flame retardant clothing for air circulation, perspiration, and body temperature adjustment. However, the pores must not affect the strength of the flame retardant clothing structure and cause foreign objects to invade the interior of the garment.
4. At a temperature of 60 ° C, the general synthetic washing powder, after 15 minutes, after washing 50 times, the flame retardant performance of the flame retardant clothing should meet the requirements. In the test, if the fabric is found to have melt shrinkage, it is a non-conforming product.
5. Bonding or stitching strength of joints of flame retardant clothing: should be greater than 29.4N.

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