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What are The Characteristics of Flame Retardant Workwear?

2018-09-01 14:59 | writer: admin

What are The Characteristics of Flame Retardant Workwear?
1. Flame retardant workwear have permanent heat resistance, flame retardancy, no combustion support, and no reduction in flame retardancy due to the influence of washing and use times.
2. When encountering fire hazard, the internal fiber of the fabric of the flame retardant workwear can automatically expand rapidly in an instant, making the fabric thicker and denser, and will not produce droplets due to its high temperature burning, thus forming a better protective layer for the human body. .
3, Flame retardant workwear have good performance, the fabric's unique capillary surface design, can quickly spread the moisture on the surface of the clothes, to achieve evaporation, heat dissipation and cool effect, comfortable to wear.
4, Flame retardant workwear sewing thread, zipper, buttons, pocket cloth, Velcro and other accessories are all flame retardant materials.
5. Flame retardant workwear have a series of physical and chemical properties such as washing and abrasion resistance, which make the wearing life 3-5 times that of ordinary cotton flame retardant workwear.
Flame retardant workwear are oil exploration, petroleum smelting, chemical, flammable and explosive gases, flammable and explosive chemicals, coatings, public security fire, power protection, military, aerospace and other industries as well as high flammable, explosive and potentially dangerous industries. The first choice for flame retardant workwear.

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