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Anti Acid and Alkali Fabric

2015-08-31 09:18 | writer: admin

What is anti acid alkali fabric:
Anti acid alkali fabric is mainly used to prevent the damage of acid, alkali and other chemical agents on the human body, prolong the acid liquid from the clothing surface penetrates into the skin of the time, the acid in the clothing surface adhesion, clothing in the acid erosion strength changed little and can withstand strong pressure acid.
Anti acid performance reached 97.5%, higher than the national anti acid performance standards 90%, accord with national standard gb12012-89 requirements. Mainly used in chemical industry, metallurgy, geology, mineral, electroplating, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries and acid-base, chemicals made contact with the types of protective clothing.
Anti acid fabric has good permeability and in alkali liquid, water impermeable, with acid through a long time, acid resistant pressure high and low rate leaching down anti acid performance good, has good protecting function to the employees. Comply with en13034 "protective clothing - anti chemical liquid" requirements.
Anti acid fabric classification:
1, the general anti acid: join the anti acid fabric production process in time, and there is no difference between ordinary fabric surface. Suitable for general acid-base environment.
2, severe anti acid: Based on common anti acid fabric, coating, anti acid and alkali strong functions. Suitable for high concentration of acid and alkali environment.

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