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Simple Test Method for Performance of Flame Retardant Fabrics

2018-09-01 15:04 | writer: admin

The following is a brief description of several easy-to-use test methods for testing the performance of flame retardant fabrics.
1, The match test method
The match test method can evaluate the flame retardant effect of the flame retardant fabric or relatively relatively flame retardant properties. Take about 2.5cm*30cm flame retardant fabric during the test. Place the ignited match under the flame retardant fabric sample and burn it until the match is burned (or 5-12S). Observe the burning condition of the flame retardant fabric sample or flame retardant. effect. It can be stipulated that the burning time of the flame retardant fabric sample is not more than 5 seconds, and it is unqualified if the mid-line or smoldering time exceeds 15 seconds. This method is close to the vertical method.
2, Lighter test method
The sample size of the flame retardant fabric is selected according to the test requirements, and the heat source is a lighter, and the time is generally 5S. The heat source is placed in close proximity to the application conditions. After the fire is extinguished, observe the spread of the flame, and the spread is not serious enough.
3. Ethanol combustion test method
The heat source is 0.3mL absolute ethanol, which is placed in a small beaker (the bottle cap is also available). The test can be carried out by vertical method, horizontal method or 45° tilt method. The distance between ethanol and flame retardant fabric and the measurement index can be determined according to requirements, such as charcoal. Length, burning area, smoldering time, afterburning time, and combustion residue.
4, Tablet test method
The test used HMTA tablets with a mass of 150 mg and a diameter of 6 mm. If necessary, use a square metal plate. During the test, the tablets were placed in the center of the flame retardant fabric sample, and the ignited matches were gently contacted on the surface of the tablet, and the ignited flame was burned until extinction or flameless combustion was extended to the edge of the hole in the metal plate as the test end point. Use the ruler to measure the maximum distance between the center of the flame retardant fabric sample and the edge of the damaged area, and record the time when the tablet is ignited to flame or flameless combustion to the edge of the metal sheet. The method is applicable to the evaluation of the heat and flame reaction performance of paving textiles, such as carpets or composite textile materials, as well as the observation and selection of the flame retardant effects and test conditions during the process test.
5, Hot metal nut method
Heat a stainless steel hex nut to 950 ° C in an electric furnace, remove the nut with a crucible pliers, immediately place it in the center of the flame retardant fabric sample, and take out the nut after 30S contact. The flame-burning time, the smoldering time of the flame retardant fabric, and the time required to record the screw width from the nut placement point to the ignition point to the edge of the pressure ring are measured. This method is applicable to a variety of floor covering fabric tests.

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