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Application of Flame Retardant Clothes in the Petroleum Industry

2018-09-01 15:06 | writer: admin

At present, the most common work clothes used in domestic oil fields are general cotton overalls, anti-static clothes and flame retardant clothes. Ordinary cotton overalls are equivalent to everyday clothing and cannot prevent and protect against deflagration. Anti-static clothing can prevent the deflagration caused by electric spark, while flame retardant clothes have a certain protective effect on deflagration, but the anti-static properties and flame-retardant properties of both garments will be weakened with washing or wearing wear. Once ignited by a deflagration flame, the degree of burns is aggravated.
Because of the protective properties of flame retardant clothes, in addition to fabric selection, it is also affected by many factors, such as the design of flame retardant clothes, accessories used, including sutures, zippers, reflective tapes, and so on. The design should cover the skin surface as much as possible, such as not using the lapel design to improve the overall safety of the flame retardant clothes. It is recommended to use flame retardant stitching and zipper to prevent the flame retardant clothes from burning due to the attachment during the deflagration. The entire garment is broken, causing the wearer to directly expose to the flame and fail to provide the proper protection.
In addition, wearing flame retardant clothes requires attention to some details, such as choosing a flame retardant clothes of appropriate size and slightly loose. The small size will greatly affect the wearing comfort and affect the flexibility of operation; Do not open the collar when flame retardant clothes, do not roll up the sleeves, the oil of the flame retardant clothes should be cleaned, etc., to ensure that the flame retardant clothes can play the best role.
With the development of the national economy, the improvement of the legal system and the growing awareness of personal health and protection, especially the international cooperation and exchanges between petroleum and petrochemical enterprises have become more frequent, and the awareness of safety has been continuously enhanced. Flame retardant clothes will be among Chinese petroleum and petrochemical enterprises. Will be further promoted.

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