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Analysis of simplified flame retardant fabrics from common concepts

2018-09-01 15:07 | writer: admin

Analysis of simplified flame retardant fabrics from common concepts
1. flame retardant finishing concept of flame retardant fabric
It refers to the finishing flame retardant fabric with varying degrees of ability to prevent the spread of flame, leaving the source of fire, can stop burning quickly.
2. flammability concept of flame retardant fabric
(1) the ignition property of flame retardant fabric, that is, the ignition point, indicating the difficulty of fire.
(2) the burning properties of flame retardant fabrics: the rate of sample burning under certain conditions.
(3) Destructiveness of flame retardant fabrics: During combustion, skin temperature increases through heat conduction, causing burns. There is also the danger of smoke and toxic gases.
3. flame retardant grades of flame retardant fabrics
The flame retardant fabrics are generally divided into:
(1) non flammable flame retardant fabrics: glass fiber, asbestos, metal fiber and so on.
(2) flammable flame retardant fabrics: PVC, polyacrylonitrile and so on.
(3) flammable flame retardant fabrics: wool, silk, polyester, nylon and so on.
(4) flammable flame retardant fabric: cellulose fiber and nitrocellulose.
4.Evaluation of flame retardant effect of flame retardant fabrics
(1) Vertical combustion test sample method to detect flame retardant fabric: sample in flame retardant tester, fixed sample, so that the lower end of the sample from the lamp mouth distance of 19 cm, adjust the flame height of 38 mm, sample 12S out, calculate the remaining combustion time and smoldering time.
(2) Testing flame retardant fabrics with oxygen demand index test method: OI means the minimum volume fraction of O2 required for candle burning in a mixture of N2 and O2. It has good washing resistance, non-toxic and odor-free, safe and reliable to human body, breathable and moisture permeable, soft feel, comfortable to wear. Flame retardant fabric is suitable for making flame retardant protective clothing in metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire protection and other industries.

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