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Eyes must be polished when choosing flame retardant jeans.

2018-09-01 15:10 | writer: admin

Eyes must be polished when choosing flame retardant jeans.
99%! Yes, from the beginning of birth, about 99% of our time was covered by clothing. So buying a high-quality flame retardant jeans can be said to add a safety and security to your work and life.
When we get a pair of flame retardant jeans, we can take a rough look at the material and style of the flame retardant jeans, because this is the first thing we can observe when we buy flame retardant jeans, and is closely related to quality and safety. Flame retardant jeans purchased from regular merchants will be accompanied by a wash label. From the label, we can get information about the goods: including materials, correct washing conditions, manufacturers, etc. Some flame retardant jeans also have ecological materials, environmental protection and emission reduction labels.
Many flame retardant jeans are produced in harsh environments to reduce prices, which not only causes environmental pollution but also sacrifices workers'health and safety; and some low-quality flame retardant jeans are dyed, discolored, and treated with a large amount of chemicals, lotions, and the final product is washed to the user. Physical health causes certain hazards; for example, allergies, skin diseases and even finished products do not have flame-retardant functions.
So when we buy flame retardant jeans, we should try our best to choose a formal manufacturer; Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is such a qualified functional clothing manufacturer; our flame retardant jeans production process will arrange professional testing personnel, after the finished product shipment we can according to your needs for you Show the test report of the flame retardant jeans.

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