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How to avoid the harm of formaldehyde exceeding standard when choosing cotton flame retardant fabric

2018-09-01 15:14 | writer: admin

The function of formaldehyde in cotton flame retardant fabric is to form a kind of crosslinking agent with artificial resin, and form a protective film on the fabric, so that cotton flame retardant fabric has the functions of no-ironing, shrink-proof, wrinkle-proof and easy decontamination. We all know that excessive formaldehyde can harm human health; formaldehyde has a strong irritation to the skin and eyes, if there is excessive formaldehyde in cotton flame retardant fabrics, long-term wear through the skin or respiratory tract harm to the human body.
Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when choosing cotton flame retardant fabric:
1. When purchasing cotton flame retardant fabrics, we must choose a regular manufacturer. Xinxiang Yulong Prevention Co., Ltd. is such a supplier of cotton flame retardant fabrics with many years of production experience.
2. In the use of cotton flame retardant fabrics, it is best to wash the fabric first, thereby reducing the acidity/basicity/float and formaldehyde.
3. When purchasing cotton flame retardant fabrics, you can ask the manufacturer to check the test report of the product, so as to understand the various indicators of the product.
4. After getting the cotton flame retardant fabric, you can smell whether the fabric has fishy smell or peculiar smell, and the pungent smell indicates that the formaldehyde content may exceed the standard.
The cotton flame retardant fabrics produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. can be made into shirts, jackets, trousers, jumpsuits, etc. in spring and autumn. They are used in petroleum, chemical, gas stations, industrial and mining, welder's clothes, repair and other industries to make fire-fighting clothes, rescue clothes, welder's clothes. The most popular natural fiber cotton fabrics, with Yulong mature flame retardant process, fabric self-extinguishing from the fire, no droplets, carbon length within 10 cm, soft handle, good strength, good wear resistance. Formaldehyde content can be controlled within 75ppm, more environmentally friendly, prevent human body from injury. This high strength the cotton flame retardant fabrics has a strength of over 30N, good flame retardancy and more than 50 washable times.

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