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How to buy high quality flame retardant work clothes?

2018-09-01 15:16 | writer: admin

Now many factories or enterprises will buy flame retardant work clothes, because in flammable and explosive environment, flame retardant work clothes can effectively protect the safety of workers.
Flame retardant work clothing is a very important safety protection equipment, so when purchasing and customizing flame retardant work clothes, we can identify what is high quality flame retardant work clothes by means of inspection, look, touch, smell, try and so on.
1. Check: Check whether the labels, inside and outside packaging, safety signs of the flame retardant work clothes are complete, and check the maintenance, maintenance and washing instructions of the flame retardant work clothes.
2. Look: look at the appearance of the flame retardant work clothes. Do you have any breakage, stitching defects or surface defects? The structure of the fire-retardant work clothes should be collar, cuff, hem three-tightened, with spark splashing or non-incandescent kiss body, injuring the human body. The pockets of the flame retardant work clothes should be covered to avoid sparking sparks or metals. The ventilation holes for heat dissipation should be on the inner side of the armpit, back and hip, so as to avoid the entry of foreign objects.
3. Touch: the better quality flame retardant work clothes feel soft and do not irritate the skin.
4, sniff: some unqualified flame retardants are toxic and have certain odor. The flame retardant work is carried out in the packaging bag and sniffed without odor or pungent odor.
5. Try: Try the bag and decoration of the fire-retardant work clothes, the shadow does not affect the normal work; try whether the wearing of flame retardant work clothes is convenient, fast, should be able to quickly remove.
After the above screening can basically determine whether the flame retardant work clothes clothes qualified, if accurate data is required, also need to do a variety of tests in the relevant institutions for flame retardant work clothes.
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