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How to select flame retardant and antistatic workwear

2018-09-01 15:22 | writer: admin

People's life and production are more or less related to static electricity and Mars. Directly or potentially brings different degrees of harm to mankind from all aspects. According to expert analysis, most of the fire accidents in the workplaces of gunpowder, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and so on are caused by the static electricity generated by human activities exceeding the safety limit, which is occasionally triggered by anti-spark. flame retardant and antistatic workwear have superior flame-retardant properties and provide electrostatic shielding for the human body, eliminating or reducing the electrostatic hazards.
flame retardant and antistatic workwear are mainly divided into two types, separated protective clothes upper and lower separated, the movement of the human body is relatively limited, generally can meet the needs of the wearer's movement. But the flame retardant and antistatic workwears are closed design, which should consider not only the convenience of the wearer, but also the beauty and safety of the clothes.
At present, there are mainly three kinds of fabrics for flame retardant and antistatic workwear:
1. Use the humidity dependence of antistatic effect. After antistatic finishing, hydrophilic polymer is added into the spinning process to make the fabric easy to absorb moisture in the air, reduce the surface impedance, reduce the accumulation of static electricity, and release static electricity in time. This method is seldom used in the manufacture of flame retardant and antistatic workwear.
2. Using the conductivity of fibers, antistatic agents and carbon black particles are added into the raw materials of fibers to make them into conductive fibers. The conductivity of fibers or fabrics can be improved by blending, interweaving, interweaving or interweaving, and the anti-static fabrics can be formed to realize charge dissipation and prevent electrostatic accumulation. Clothing production is more commonly used.
3. Mixed a certain amount of metal fiber into the fiber to make a blended fabric, this kind of fabric stability, washing resistance; this should be the most common flame retardant and antistatic workwear.
The flame-retardant and static-electricity-proof work clothes produced by Yulong textile can effectively prevent the accumulation of static electricity, rapidly release static electricity, have high tear strength and tensile strength, durable, good air permeability, and can protect workers in oil and gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, electroplating, dyeing and other industries. Paper industry, especially for gas stations, firecrackers manufacturing workshop, can prevent fire or explosion.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is an experienced, long-term supply of European and American markets, on the size of experienced enterprises. Our flame retardant and antistatic workwear will be comfortable and durable.

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