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What are the classification of flame retardant work clothes?

2018-09-01 15:32 | writer: admin

As the name implies, flame retardant work clothes are made of flame-retardant materials, when encountering a fire, can prevent the fire from continuing to burn, to reduce the loss of fire, to ensure the safety of life, then why called flame retardant work clothes will have this function of flame retardant?
Flame retardant work clothes are one of the most widely used personal protective products. The principle of flame retardant work clothes is to take shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization isolation and so on. Flame retardant work clothes protect workers from open fire or heat source.
Flame retardant work clothes adopt fabrics in which the flame retardant fibers greatly slow down the burning rate of the fibers, extinguish themselves immediately after the fire source is removed, and the burning part is rapidly carbonized without melting, dropping or piercing, giving people time to evacuate the burning site or take off the burning clothes, reducing or avoiding burns and scalds. To achieve the purpose of protection.
What are the classification of flame retardant work clothes?
1. One-time water-washing flame retardant work clothes: commonly known as one-time flame retardant work clothes, the use of one-time water-washing flame retardant work clothes made of flame retardant work clothes, of course, after a wash clothes although intact, but the flame retardant performance is not.
2. Multi-wash flame retardant work clothes: The maximum number of washes can reach 50 times, this multi-wash flame retardant work clothes is made of finished flame retardant work clothes, so it will inherit the characteristics of multi-wash flame-retardant fabric, with the increase of wash times flame-retardant performance will gradually reduce.
3. Permanent flame retardant work clothes are made of flame-retardant fibers such as aramid-fiber mottlecock, so this kind of work clothes is inherently flame-retardant, so no matter how many washes it will not affect the flame-retardant performance, until the work clothes are worn out will lose its meaning.
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