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What is arc proof clothing?

2018-09-01 15:45 | writer: admin

Arc refers to the body near high-voltage electricity, but not contact, by the body's induction as a bridge to form a jump, it can produce a maximum of 29400 degrees Celsius high temperature, about four times the surface temperature of the sun, causing intense gas explosion and electrical burns.
With the rapid development of industry, there are more and more electric arc injury accidents. Faced with such a situation, if the site personnel wearing fire and thermal protective clothing, the greater the hope of escape and rescue in the disaster, the less harm suffered. Therefore, the arc proof clothing series, effectively solve the long-term troubles in the power, chemical and other industries, the operator's safety problems, greatly reducing the arc damage probability to the operator.
Arc proof clothing has the functions of flame retardant, heat insulation and antistatic. It will not cause failure or deterioration due to water washing. Once the arc proof clothing is exposed to arc flame or heat, the inner high-strength and low-elongation ballistic-proof fiber will automatically expand rapidly, so that the fabric becomes thicker and denser, forming a protective barrier to human body.
Arc proof clothing is divided into two categories: one is arc proof clothing (long gown type), the other is arc proof clothing (three-tight jacket and trousers type). Arc proof clothing (long jacket type) are used for power supply operation, and arc proof clothing (three-tightened jacket and trousers type) are used as daily working clothes.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. produces arc proof clothing style structure design is scientific and reasonable, can effectively protect the human body from arc damage.

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