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What is cotton cotton-nylon flame retardant fabrics?

2018-09-01 15:46 | writer: admin

The melting point of polyamide fibers such as nylon is 215, the decomposition temperature is 315, and the ignition temperature is 530, because of the great difference between the melting point and the ignition point, it is easier to melt and drip when burning, so the nylon fibers are considered to be self-extinguishing. Proban flame retardant or Pytrovatex CP are generally used in practical production. These two kinds of flame retardants are used to process cotton-nylon flame retardant fabrics.
The content of nylon in cotton-nylon flame retardant fabrics is generally not higher than 20%; usually when the content of nylon is 12%, the flame retardant properties can reach EN470-1, EN11611, EN11612, EN531, EN533, BS5852, NFPA2112, NFPA, ASTM and GB8965-98, and other standards.
Cotton-nylon flame retardant fabrics has durable flame retardant property, good washing resistance, non-toxic, odorless, safe and reliable for human body, breathable, moisture-permeable, soft feel, comfortable wearing. This kind of cotton-nylon flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent flame spread and maintain the original performance of the fabric. The protective clothing made of the cotton-nylon flame retardant fabric not only has excellent flame-retardant properties, but also can effectively prevent sparks and metal droplets from splashing. Its thermal protection performance is better, and it is a high-end choice in the flame-retardant fabric.
The cotton-nylon flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. not only keeps the original strength of nylon fiber high, good elastic recovery, but also has the characteristics of strong moisture absorption of cotton fiber, easy dyeing, washing, no-ironing and quick drying. This cotton-nylon flame retardant fabric highlights the style of nylon fiber and the advantages of cotton fabric. It has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions. The size of the flame-retardant fabric is stable and shrinkage rate is small. It has the characteristics of stiffness, wrinkle resistance, easy washing and quick drying. It can not be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water. The cotton-nylon flame retardant fabric conforms to GB/T 411, GB18401 and other standards. Yes. Our company can also add anti-static, anti-oil and water repellent, anti-acid and alkali, anti-ultraviolet function on this basis.

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