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Nomex Flame Rretardant Fiber

2015-09-02 11:08 | writer: admin

What is the Nomex flame retardant fiber? Nomex flame retardant fiber produced by DuPont, itself with permanent flame retardancy and excellent thermal stability. At present in the industry of flame retardant overalls, anti arc clothes, fire suits, protective clothing and furnace welding work clothing application. The U.S. military also adopts the Nomex flame retardant fiber protective clothing.
With the wide application of Nomex flame retardant fiber, DuPont has developed a series of improved Nomex products, among which NomexIIIA is most widely used, the composition of the NomexIIIA flame retardant fiber by 93%Nomex, 5%Kevlar and 2% antistatic fiber. The addition of Kevlar increased the clothes explosion under heat, anti shrinkage and seismic performance in high temperature flame and arc, adding antistatic fiber to reduce static electricity, improving the wearing comfort.
Nomex flame retardant fiber limiting oxygen index is 28, the higher decomposition temperature, under the conditions of high temperature does not melt. Nomex flame retardant fiber has good thermal stability, therefore, the use of industrial flame work making the Nomex flame retardant fiber clothing, anti arc clothes, fire suits, overalls, protective clothing and furnace welding work clothes used continuously for 100 hours at 260 DEG C under high temperature, the strength can still maintain the original strength of 65%. In 304 degrees C used under high temperature for 7 days, can still keep the original strength of 50%. Nomex flame retardant fiber also has excellent chemical resistance, i.e., acid and alkali resistance, oxidation agent and organic solvent. The radiation resistance is excellent, UV and Y ray in a certain intensity of irradiation, its strength is almost no loss. Nomex III A white silk and dope dyed silk two. The white silk dyeing has pass.

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