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Why does flame retardant fabric have chromatic aberration?

2018-09-01 15:51 | writer: admin

The color difference of flame retardant fabrics is one of the common problems in choosing flame retardant fabrics. In the same batch of products, there is a color difference of flame retardant fabrics between the box and the box, between the parts, between the bag and the bag, and between the piece and the piece. In the same product, there are color difference of flame retardant fabrics on the left, middle and right sides, front and back flame retardant fabrics or front and back flame retardant fabrics. Color difference of flame retardant fabrics is one of the common and frequent defects in dyeing and finishing plants, which seriously affects the quality of dyed products. Mastering the quality control of flame retardant fabrics is only one step of quality inspection is not enough, it is necessary to carry out the whole process of color control can be.
Different kinds of flame retardant fabrics have different fiber compositions, different kinds of dyestuffs and process equipment used in dyeing, and different requirements and characteristics in dyeing process. The causes and manifestations of defects are different. The color difference of flame retardant fabric is varied in appearance, but the reasons are mainly as follows.
1. Dyes in flame retardant fabrics in the early distribution of uneven: dyes in the fixed before, if uneven distribution in various parts of the fabric, fixed color will inevitably form a flame retardant fabric color difference.
2. The degree of fixation of dyes on flame retardant fabrics is different: although the dyes are evenly distributed in the fabric in advance, they are removed in the process of fixation, if the conditions are not properly controlled (such as temperature, time, dye concentration, etc.), so that the dyes on some parts of flame retardant fabrics are not fully fixed and are removed in the post-treatment soaping. Flame retardant fabric color difference. For example, the inconsistency between the two sides of the thermal solution temperature of disperse dyes, partial reduction or inadequate oxidation of VAT dyes, and poor steaming conditions of reactive dyes will result in the color difference of flame retardant fabrics.
(3) Variation of dye colour and light: this difference is not due to uneven distribution of dyes on flame retardant fabrics, but due to some reasons, some dyes on the fabric colour and light change.
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