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Why is flame retardant work clothes widely used in machine building industry?

2018-09-01 15:52 | writer: admin

Machinery manufacturing plays a very important role in China's industrial production, and there are many risks to be borne by machinery manufacturing. When engaged in mechanical manufacturing, they often come into contact with electric sparks, arcs, and even often in a flammable and explosive environment, sometimes because of one of their own careless cause of fire, and so on. These are people who will cause great harm to workers. Therefore, in order to effectively protect the safety of workers, it is necessary to issue flame retardant work clothes for workers.
flame retardant work clothe is one of the most widely used personal protective products. The principle of flame retardant work clothe protection is mainly to take the shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization isolation and so on. flame retardant work clothe protects workers from open fire or heat source. Therefore, many factories with inflammable and explosive dangers order large quantities of fire retardant work clothes to protect the safety of workers, which is also a sign of responsibility for the safety of workers in the factory. Unlike previous protective measures, it is possible to maximize the safety of workers by allowing them to wear flame retardant work clothes.
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