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Why is flame retardant work clothes widely used in smelting industry?

2018-09-01 15:53 | writer: admin

Metal smelting industry working environment is bad, need to bear great risk, in the process of metal smelting need high temperature to assist in order to work; therefore, high temperature, fire always threatens the arrangement of staff, then need a high-quality flame retardant work clothes to protect the safety of workers, flame retardant work clothes in the right place. People working in high-temperature fire-prone places are no better protection measures, so flame retardant work clothes have gradually been taken seriously.
People who have been engaged in metal smelting know that metal smelting is the process of melting and fusing metals through very high temperatures, which requires very high temperatures. Sometimes it can cause fires because of mistakes. To effectively protect personal safety, wearing flame retardant work clothes is Necessary. Flame retardant work clothes can effectively protect people from the threat of fire. When exposed to flame retardant work clothes can react quickly, changing the composition of combustible substances in the work clothes to protect the safety of workers. Wearing this kind of flame retardant work clothes can not only prevent fire, but also prevent metal drops on the clothes caused damage, which can effectively protect the safety of workers.
Flame retardant work clothes not only have the function of flame retardant, but also can be insulated from heat, prevent high temperature burns to the human body, at the same time have both tear resistance, dirt resistance and so on. Flame retardant work clothes are different from our ordinary clothes. Since they are work clothes, it is unavoidable to be contaminated with oil. Ordinary work clothes are not easy to clean after being contaminated with oil. More times will not only affect the protection effect, but also affect the beauty. Flame retardant work clothes are quite different, and their washability is two to five times that of ordinary fabrics. Although the flame retardant work clothes are classified as anti-washing, non-washing and so on, the dirt-resistant characteristics can make the flame retardant work clothes reduce washing times.
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