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Properties of aramid flame retardant fabric fire retardant clothing

2018-09-01 15:56 | writer: admin

The aramid flame retardant fabrics produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. have the advantages of heat resistance, high strength, high wear resistance, good softness, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, no melt droplets in combustion and no poison gas.
The fabric made of aramid flame retardant fiber has good dimensional stability and can be used for a long time at 250 degrees Celsius. Its thermal shrinkage is only 1%. Fiber softening temperature is 373 degrees Celsius, more than 400 degrees Celsius before the beginning of decomposition, when decomposition cloth thickening, fiber expansion, cloth outside 900-1300 degrees Celsius insulation heat transfer without cracking.
1. Dyeing of raw liquid: before the filament is added to the dyestuff, the yarn will be dyed and never fade.
2, after dyeing: fiber made of yarn or cloth after dyeing, color fastness, dry and wet friction grade 4-5.
When you are weaving, you can add antistatic fibers. The cloth can be made of oil and water.
1, permanent heat resistance and flame retardance, limiting oxygen index Loi is greater than 28
2, permanent antistatic property
3, permanent acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent erosion.
4. High strength, high wear resistance and high tear resistance.
5. There is no droplet in fire, no poisonous gas.
6. When the fire cloth is covered, the cloth will be thickened and sealed.
The flame retardant fabric can be widely used in fire protection, military clothing, petroleum industry, electric power industry, natural gas industry, metallurgical industry, coal industry, aviation industry, maritime industry, automobile industry and other industries.

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