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Fire protection clothes service and maintenance method

2018-09-01 16:00 | writer: admin

Flame retardant fabric is used to cover aluminum foil in fireproof clothing. There are mainly two types of flame retardant fabric: 100% cotton flame retardant twill yarn card and C/N cotton brocade flame retardant cloth. After being coated with aluminum foil, it has good flame retardant performance. High performance fire protection clothing with fire prevention, thermal insulation, wear resistance, folding, flame retardant and anti radiation characteristics, such as the radiation temperature as high as 1000 ℃.
Fireproof suit is suitable for fire fighting, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, steel, machinery, food, electronics, mining industry and other industries.
Fire protection service and maintenance method
1. After taking off the fireproof suit, check the condition of the fireproof suit and check whether there is wear.
2. If you want to remove residual dirt from fireproof clothing, use tap water and neutral soap, and use detergent when necessary. The detergent should only be used on contaminated parts.
3. If the fireproof clothing has been in contact with chemicals, or air bubbles are found, the entire aluminum plating surface should be cleaned. If fireproof clothing leaves the residue of oil or grease on, should use neuter soap undertakes clean.
4. Make sure to thoroughly dry the fireproof clothes before restorage, and dry them as well as the anti-chemical clothes. Do not fold them.
5. If the surface of the fireproof suit is covered with a small area of not very serious burn marks or wear, it can be repaired with an aluminized spray gun. If the exterior of fireproof clothing is damaged, should replace fireproof clothing.
6. The insulating surface of the fireproof suit should be in good condition and the glass should be in the right position. The gold-plated surface should be clean and free of scratches that affect the line of sight. If the user thinks the glass window is not in good condition, it should be replaced.
7. The storage of fireproof clothing should be in a cool and dry place. The ideal storage method is to hang it vertically in the cabinet. If the protective clothing is stored in the supplied PVC packaging or folded and stored elsewhere, it should be ensured that there are no deep folds which may damage the aluminized surface of the protective clothing.
Above is xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. To provide you on the fire service and maintenance methods of the introduction, I hope you understand the fire service to help! In addition to proper maintenance and maintenance of the fireproof suit, the appearance of the fireproof suit must be checked before use to ensure that all protective equipment is in good condition. Once the fireproof suit is found not in good condition (with stains, cracks, tears or holes on the surface of aluminum plating), do not use it.

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