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Method of wearing fireproof clothing

2018-09-01 16:08 | writer: admin

Fireproof clothing is the protective clothing worn by firefighters and high temperature operators when they are working near fire. Today, collar and labor protection net technology has been required to carry air breathing apparatus as an example to introduce a complete set of fire protection clothing wear methods and matters needing attention.
First put on the fireproof suit, the respirator on the fireproof suit. Put on the pants of the fireproof suit and tie all the rope; Put on fire boots or safety shoes that match your fireproof suit and wear your own heat resistant shoe covers.
Method of wearing fireproof clothing
1. Turn the cylinder of the positive pressure air respirator towards the ground, and open the respirator that is set up on the back of both shoulders;
2. Adjust the shoulder strap to tighten the belt to comfort;
3. Put on the coat of fireproof clothing; The quick joint and pressure joint are protruded from the jacket pocket.
4. Connect all the joints, and then open the cylinder switch;
5. Take the mask to protect the face, straighten the belt with your hands, and cover the head with the chin up;
6. Tighten the belt with both hands separately to make sure the mask is close to your face.
7. Put on the safety helmet or special hat, fasten the hat band and lock;
8. Wear special gloves; Secure the ropes;
9. Armed with special fire axe and explosion-proof lamp, head down to explore the journey.

Precautions for use of fireproof clothing
1. If you do not use the air respirator, the available time will be sharply reduced, as the air you can breathe is only the air contained in the fireproof clothing.
2. If the temperature inside the protective suit is too high, leave the work area immediately and enter the safe zone. Open the protective suit to reduce the temperature rapidly.
3. Before wearing the fireproof suit, the fireproof suit can ensure sufficient maintenance without using specific underwear. If the user system adds a level of protection, wear a long-sleeved top, leggings, socks, gloves, and hoods.
Above is the xinxiang city yulong textile for you to provide on the use of fireproof clothing, I hope to help you understand fireproof clothing! The availability of fireproof clothing depends on a number of factors, environmental conditions, the physical conditions of the user, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the availability of fireproof clothing.

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