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Use and management of antistatic clothing

2018-09-01 16:10 | writer: admin

Anti-static clothing is not a permanent wear, improper use and after repeated washing, anti-static clothing may reduce its anti-static function, can not meet the safety requirements, therefore, the following should be noted when wearing and keeping anti-static clothing:
(1) anti-static clothing should use anti-static fabric completely, and generally do not use lining. When the lining must be used, the lining should not be exposed to more than 20 percent of the total interior area of the protective clothing.
(2) anti-static cloth and anti-static clothing of different grades should be selected according to the electrostatic sensitivity of different processed objects in different places.
(3) do not attach or wear any metal objects on the antistatic clothing.
(4) do not wear or remove anti-static clothing at the scene of operating electrostatic sensitive products (more should be done in the designated dressing room). The buttons of the antistatic suit should be all buttoned, try not to make it in the state of near strip.
(5) the anti-static clothing washing should be used as far as possible simple and easy method, machine wash, wash, the water temperature in the 30-600 ℃, should avoid to anti-static clothing strong mechanical and chemical operating washing, soaking time shoulds not be more than 3 hours.
(6) ironed the same as the ordinary cotton, polyester-cotton fabric, in more than 40 ℃, temperature under 85 ℃, printing parts can't use the iron iron directly.
(7) several pieces of anti-static clothing purchased in batches should be randomly selected before wearing. After a certain period of wearing, especially when the wearer is undressing and feeling electric shock, it should be retested.
(8) when wearing the antistatic clothing, it must be used together with the antistatic shoes specified in GB4385. When wearing antistatic shoes and conductive shoes, do not wear insulated woolen thick socks and insulated insoles at the same time. The place to use antistatic shoes should be antistatic ground, and the place to use conductive shoes should be conductive ground. In addition, the resistance shall be tested for not more than 200 hours.

Anti-static clothing must be replaced strictly according to the service life of labor insurance products, so as to avoid the function of anti-static clothing weakened after repeated washing, which cannot meet the requirements. The specific requirements are: the first configuration is for each person's spring and autumn wear 2 sets, summer wear 2 sets, winter wear 1 set, summer wear l pairs, winter wear 1 pair, summer wear 2 caps and autumn wear 2 caps. Replace anti-static work clothes and working shoes: replace 1 set every 2 years for spring and autumn wear, 1 set every year for summer wear, 1 set every 4 years for winter wear, 1 pair of shoes every year for summer wear, and 2 sets for summer hat every 2 years.
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