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Anti static clothing should be worn according to the prescribed way.

2018-09-01 16:12 | writer: admin

In the process of wearing anti-static clothes must be matched with the prescribed anti-static shoes, that is to say, people should not only wear anti-static clothes, but also wear anti-static shoes. Only a reasonable combination of application can increase the safety performance of everyone, and we should also wear the corresponding electrostatic gloves, electrostatic boots, etc., these are also very important, we do not ignore, the following we will simply inventory the use of anti-static clothing attention, I hope these points of attention We can give you some help and guidance, which can enhance our security performance.
The first point is that in normal circumstances, explosive gas mixtures can be sustained for a short period of time, or for a long time in the presence of explosive gases. At this time, the minimum ignition energy of combustibles is about 0.25 mJ or less, so we should wear anti-static clothes in time, but also to stop wearing anti-static clothes in flammable and explosive occasions, must be away from flammable and explosive places to wear anti-static clothes.
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