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Antistatic clothing should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance

2018-09-01 16:13 | writer: admin

We must, in accordance with the normal processing method for maintenance and protection, first of all, is the packaging, packaging and storage is very important, in the process of transportation should pay attention to anti-static overalls must have a cover above, shall not damage the packaging, to prevent the sun, in the process of handling it is strictly prohibited to use hand hook drag, anti-static clothing should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew deterioration, stored off the ground and wall more than 20 cm, leave all the heating element more than one meter, should avoid direct sunlight, it is forbidden to open place, anti-static wool knitting goods packaging storage should right amount add some mothproofing agent.
And its maintenance had better be to use neutral detergent for cleaning, washing don't mix with other clothes to wash, gently washed by hand or washing machine wash program is also very reasonable, in order to avoid conductive fiber fracture, the water temperature should be controlled below 40 ℃, rinse with cold water rinse when is ok, but the washing time should be shorter, but must be sufficient to rinse, to remove residues. Anti-static overalls with flame retardant and oil proof performance require shorter washing time, instead of using industrial washing machine for high-strength washing, and should be ironed at medium temperature at the same time.
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