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Sensory identification of work clothes fabric

2018-09-01 16:20 | writer: admin

Sticky cotton cloth
The gloss of the cloth is soft, bright, bright, smooth, soft and elastic. When you press the cloth tightly with your hands, you can see the obvious creases, and the creases are not easy to restore.
Real silk
The silk surface is smooth, clean, glossy and pure. The handle is smooth, soft, light and elegant. In dry condition, feel the handle on the silk surface, and there is a "Silk sound" when tearing.
Polyester cotton cloth
Gloss is more bright than pure cotton cloth, cloth surface is neat, clean without head or impurities. The handle is smooth, crisp and elastic, better than pure cotton cloth. After the hand is pressed tightly, the cloth is released, the crease is not obvious, and it is easy to restore the original state.
Pure cotton cloth
It has soft gloss, soft handle, poor elasticity and easy wrinkle. When you press the cloth tightly with your hands, you can see that the wrinkles are obvious, and the creases are not easy to restore. From the edges of the selvage, a few warps and weft yarns were opened, and the length of the fibers varied.
Human silk
The silk is bright but not soft in luster, bright in color, smooth in hand, soft and strong in drape, but not as light and elegant as real silk. After kneading silk, the hands are loosened and creased, and the recovery is slow. Hoarseness when torn. It is easy to break through wet weft and water.
Woolen blended blended woolen fabric
Mostly worsted. Mao Ganqiang has a woolen style and a warm feeling. Elasticity is not as good as wool and polyester.
Wool and nylon blended fabric
It has a smooth surface, a strong sense of fur, a waxy appearance and a stiff feel. After squeezed by hand, the hand is released and has obvious creases, which can restore the original state slowly. The appearance is pure wool fabric style. The fabric is clear, smooth and smooth. It is not as soft as pure wool fabric, and has a stiff and rough feeling. Its elasticity exceeds that of full wool and wool viscose wool. After kneading tightly with your hands, the creases are quickly restored.
Woolen woollen cloth
It is plump and dense. The surface has fine fuzz, and the texture is not revealed. The handle is warm, plump and elastic. The yarn is mostly coarse yarn.
Worsted worsted fabric
The fabric surface is smooth and clean, and its texture is fine and clear. The luster is soft and natural, and its color is pure. Soft and elastic. Knead tightly with your hands, the creases are not obvious, and can quickly restore the original state. Most of them are double strands.

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