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Flame retardant clothing with low formaldehyde content

2018-09-01 16:22 | writer: admin

The formaldehyde content of flame-retardant working clothes made of fire-retardant cotton and aramid materials by CP method is small, and it meets the European Union standard. The design requirements and standard types of the clothes of the manufacturers' owners are introduced, which should be tested and checked according to the normal method. Test the fabric after 50 times of washing flame retardant performance level shall not be lower than C, which is qualified to design and necessary condition, found in products melt dripping experiments is unqualified products, flame retardant protective clothing have excellent overall performance and flame retardant protective clothing machinery processed, the finished product tags as well as the packing and shipping and so on are the points that nots allow to ignore.
The flame retardant performance test method for the fabric of the flame retardant clothing is based on the test method required by gb24540-2009, which is similar to EN 532, namely ignition of the vertically placed material surface for 10 s. Then it is designed according to the duration of the test parameter. Therefore, there are many national standards of clothing. All fabrics are made of fire-resistant fiber, which can be used in dangerous environments such as high-heat flame arc, without melting and burning at high temperature, and of course without dropping. Carbon fiber is added to make this textile material more anti-static.

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